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Project On Hold

Thanks for your input, everyone. This project is currently suspended, indefinitely.


Hello everyone! I'm Keilexandra (ei like a long a), which may be shortened to Keix (with a long e). I'm excited and nervous to serve as co-maintainer; while I fully support the cause and believe I can bring a lot to the position, I've also never modded before--so I would especially welcome advice on how best to go about this.

I second all of leahbobet's concerns and I hope that we as a community can address all of them. I don't know how or when, but I do believe in that civility and good intentions will prevail. Please comment with suggestions on how to proceed! This may be an idealistic and useless hope, but I would love to connect and cross-promote with already-established projects like ibarw or the POC in SFF Carnival.

Thus, I'd like to request that readers, writers, and prospective participants/contributors all take a step back and divorce this project from one's personal opinion of its members, contributors, or organizers. If this project had been started by a POC, I think the response would have been quite different--and yet I find the sincerity of mac_stone's and others' intentions no less inspiring, regardless of words they may have said in the past. Actions speak louder than words; to this I would add, please do not bring along your previous judgments and grudges.

Thank you mac_stone for entrusting me with the keys. Despite the current hold on the project, I have hope that we will be able to move forward.

More Concerns

I'm clearly NOT the right person to be trying to organize anything here. In light of the ongoing hurt and anger being expressed to me around my involvement, I'm recusing myself from organizing this project. Hopefully, someone less controversial will see worth, and choose to continue.

Mostly, right now, is there someone else willing to take over as co-maintainer? I do think there's tremendous value in a community where we can have an ongoing conversation about the things so many of us care about.

I'm still happy to help, and be involved. I'll contact the journals that have expressed excitement about the idea, and explain that we're apparently not going to be doing this.

I'm deeply sorry, folks.

ETA: keilexandra  has volunteered to serve as a community co-maintainer, and I've already given her the keys to the virtual building. 

Thank you, keilexandra .

Concerns and Addressing Them

Hi, folks--

I spent a bit of last night soliciting commentary on this idea from several of the POC and white allies involved in the previous discussions (mostly people who spoke up on it and were then kind enough to stick around and answer my nosy questions). Some of the concerns raised:

1) That having a fixed-term "summer" for this kind of action comes with the implicit expectation that things go back to the status quo afterwards;
2) There are questions about the motivations of several of the key people involved, given the very heated conversation people are still having in some venues;
3) There are questions about the motivations behind and efficacy of the project, given that most of the personnel to date are, I believe, not POC;
4) Worries about the "dilution" (my word) of such a project with other causes. While other causes are also important to highlight, expanding this particular project at this time to include those gives a sense of minimizing the anti-racism concern;
5) That it's clear what the organizers would gain from participating in such a project, but there's a question of why writers of colour would want to participate in this project.

It's that last one that's the big one for me; that there isn't a sufficient impetus, or net gain, for those writers to go out of their way to participate. That means to me that we've got this by the wrong end.

So given those, I think what I'm personally going to do (and do for Ideomancer) is step back a little. I'm hoping that when everyone's a little less raw -- when we're not at a place where arguments are breaking out in this very community -- either the existing idea or staff can be modified to address these concerns or some new ideas can be worked up with some new personnel to conceptualize and implement them.


It's looking pretty clear to me from my inbox, and some of the public comments on my LJ, that my name on this is going to be nothing but a problem for people who honestly hurt, care about the issues, and want to see change.

Please let me be perfectly clear. I very much want to see this project happen. I have ZERO investment in being the person to make it happen.

Does anyone have contacts who might be able and willing, and have the contacts and so on, to spearhead this thing? I'm absolutely, positively in. That's not going to change. And if no one else wants to be the organizer, I'll still do it.  But if there's someone better to be the lead, I'll absolutely still offer my energy, support, and resources, to the very best of my ability. I just want to get this particular can of worms settled down so we can all do the real work of expanding the space online in existing venues for fiction that might otherwise be overlooked or dismissed, without being distracted by the potential criticism that I'm just one more privileged asshole trying to appropriate someone else's cause.

I've just added Shweta Narayan, a friend of mine and an excellent writer, as a community maintainer, by the way. She's said she has no interest in spearheading anything, but is willing to help with the admin chores.


As someone who just volunteered to do art for this project, I'm now thinking of exactly what that entails.

I assume a banner and possibly an icon are called for.

Should I be thinking about print materials as well?

What about some sort of hub website for linking up everyone that's participating?

Having a timeline for things to be done by would be good.

Journal Contacts?

We're challenging online SF venues to issue a single, diversity-themed edition during the summer of 2009.  Each involved publication has editorial control (of course) over what diversity means and how it's expressed in that issue.

Coyote Wild is in.
Ideomancer is in.

If you guys have personal contacts at 'zines you're willing to exploit, please use them (then post that you've done so.) I'm going to go email Clarkesworld right now, and Medievalist has contacted Green Man Review (where she's webmaster.)
Green Man Review is in.


Cristalia has posted that she and Ideomancer need to step back. I completely respect that.

That being the case, CoyoteWild is going to do the same. I've written the editors I'd already contacted at other ezines, to let them know.

Placeholder Post

Hi, folks!

This'll be a community for planning and touching base on a 2009 Summer of Online Diversity, as conceived of at mac_stone's place in this post. At this early stage, the thought is to involve e-zines, review outlets, critical publications, and any other venues we can think up.

So let's get chatting!

Not Your Organizer, Just an Abhorrer of Blank Space